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Garantito IGP: Zunica dal 1880, A Panoramic View of Taste

This time Carlo Macchi takes the stand. To see it from above, a bird’s eye view, it looks like an old muzzle-loading pistol. Looking at it from the surrounding hills it instead sometimes looks like a massive ship, and others … Continue reading

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Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella: A Vertical

The Tommasi family has been making wine since forever in the Valpolicella, but personally since 1902, when Giacomo Tommasi ordered three 50 hectoliter casks, filled them, and then set about selling the wine. That was four generations ago, and since … Continue reading

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IGP Goes Tasting, But Not For Cash!

Two news items, one good and the other bad. The good, at least for us, is that from Sunday November 11 to Thursday the 15th we’ll be in the Langhe to taste the 2008 Barolo and the 2009 Barbaresco, hosted … Continue reading

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A… Dry Moscato?

Moscato is an extraordinarily aromatic, extraordinarily sweet grape that is used primarily to make sweet wines: Piemonte’s Moscato D’Asti and its more industrial cousin, Asti, and a host of Moscati Passiti from all over Italy. Few people make dry versions, … Continue reading

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Sant’Egidio: Valcalepio and More

Valcalepio is the wine made in the valleys behind Bergamo, and as such one might be surprised to discover that the red, Valcaleopio Rosso, is a classic Taglio Bordolese, made with Cabernet and Merlot. Why? Because the region’s only really … Continue reading

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Garantito IGP: Orvieto’s I Sette Consoli, 20 Years of Fine Dining

This time Roberto Giuliani takes the stand: I’ve been familiar with Orvieto for at least 30 years, and still remember the awe I felt the first time I beheld the Cattedrale dell’Assunta, better known as Orvieto’s Duomo, a masterpiece of … Continue reading

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Castello Banfi New Horizons for Brunello di Montalcino

Angelo Gaja is not a person I usually quote about Tuscan wines, but one of the people presenting two verticals of Castello Banfi’s Brunello this week quoted him, and his observations are spot on: “No other Italian appellation,” he said, … Continue reading

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