Pallagrello Bianco, The Wine Loved by the Bourbons: A Report for Garantito IGP

Pallagrello Bianco in Vetrina

Pallagrello Bianco in Vetrina

This time Luciano Pignataro takes the stand.

The Pallagrello varietal has been known since the time of the Bourbons, who had planted it in the Vigna del Ventaglio, or Fan Vineyard, which was so-called because all of the rows, which were laid out in rays, were planted to different varietals.

People had lost track of it until the end of the 90s, when it was rediscovered and replanted by Amadeo Barletta and Peppe Mancini’s Azienda Vestini Campagnano, and spoken about by Manuela Piancastelli, wine writer and maker, and Luigi Moio, enologigal researcher.

In Pallagrello’s new lease on life it has settled into a small area of the Casertano, between Caiazzo and Castel Campagnano, which had until then been known for its farming and producing large volumes of olive oil from the Caiazzana cultivar.

It is a small corner of paradise, now dominated by the vineyards many wineries have planted on the ridge crests.

Pallagrello has always been used in blending because its initial acidity is very low. The new cultivation and vinification techniques have allowed winemakers to make Pallagrello in purezza with considerable character that pairs well with foods.

Here is a rundown of the latest vintage, for Garantito IGP’s steadily expanding readership.

Lancella 2012 Terre del Volturno igt, Cantine di Lisandro
The nose is short on depth, whereas the palate displays nice energy and citirc acidity. Long, flowing into an almost tannic finish.
PODERI BOSCO Caiazzo (Caserta) Tel. 0823 386765

Pallagrello bianco 2012 Terre del Volturno igt, Vestini Campagnano
Aromas of white berry fruit; pleasant on the nose, with hints of sweetness that do not impinge. Nicely balanced palate, and pleasant because of its fullness. Dry finish.
VESTINI CAMPAGNANO Caiazzo  Tel. 0823.862770

Pallagrello Bianco 2012 Terre del Volturno igt, Vigne Chigi
Slightly dirty nose. Initially reduced, then fruit emerges. The rusticity is present on the palate too, which is long and pleasant.
VIGNE CHIGI Pontelatone Tel. 338 6534128

Pallagrello del Ventaglio 2012 Terre del Volturno igt, Castello Ducale
Very intense nose, pleasantly long, and ample. On the palate it displays more energy, good acidic verve, and is broad, full, and nicely savory.
CASTELLO DUCALE Castel Campagnano (Caserta) Tel. 0824. 972460

Fontanavigna 2012, Terre del Volturno igt, Terre del Principe
Nice white fruit on the nose, slightly sweet. The palate is quite full, austere, long, and decidedly savory. Exciting finish.

Le Serole 2011 Terre del Volturno IGT
A Pallagrello with more ambition; it has spent time in wood and displays considerable aging capacity. The 2011 is the best yet, with spice and fruit melding, and excellent acidity that makes it ageworthy.
TERRE DEL PRINCIPE Castel Campagnano. Tel. 0823.867126

Caiatì Pallagrello Bianco 2011, Michele Alois
Strange face powder nose that gives way to white fruit. Tghe palate displays good energy, though it is short. Savory and pleasant.
FATTORIA ALOIS Pontelatone (Caserta) Te. 0823876710

Tres Frigidae Pallagrello bianco 2012 Terre del Volturno igt, Le Masserie
The nose is charged, almost evolved. The palate is ample, full, long, and rustic. Good verve.
LA MASSERIE Bellona loc. “Masseria Vecchia” tel. 0823965394 – cell. 3391101915: web site:

Calù 2011 Terre del Volturno igt, Sclavia
The nose is pleasant and long, but a bit evolved. On the palate quite savory and pleasant.
SCLAVIA, Libero via Case Sparse. Tel 334.9848768.

Pallagrello Bianco Terre del Volturno igt 2012, Crapareccia
Full, fruity pleasant nose. The palate is savory, essential, and full bodied, flowing into a precise bitter finish.
CRAPARECCIA Castel di Sasso, via Serra, 27. Tel. 0823.868619 e 0823.878059

SilvaAura 2011 Pallagrello Bianco Terre del Volturno igt, Rao
Evolved nose with ripe white pear and sweetness. Nice acidity, which however settles into the sweetness.
RAO Caiazzo. Tel. 0823868620

Pallagrello Bianco 2011 Terre del Volturno igt, Il Verro
The nose is quite correct. The palate is balanced, with good acidity and interesting verve.
IL VERRO Formicola,  tel. 345 64 16 200

Riccio Bianco 2010 Terre del Volturno igt
Squeezed white fruit on the nose and then on the palate, where it extends itself deftly. It’s quite rich, but ows its character to acidity and its being completely dry, which makes it a savory wine.
ALEPA Caiazzo Tel. 0823862755 – 335537614

Pallagrello Bianco 2011 Terre del Volturno igt, MasseriaPiccirillo
A timid nose that must be sought. On the palate it’s very dry, pleasant, long, and agile. To be paired with foods.
Masseria Piccirillo. Caiazzo. Tel. 0823.862886

Civitas Casa Hirta 2012 Terre del Volturno igt , Della Valle Jappelli
Pleasant long white fruit. The palate is soft as it opens, perhaps a little too soft. Short finish. corto
DELLA VALLE IAPPELLJ Casertavecchia (Caserta) Tel. 0823.371731 – 0823.371731

Acqua Vigna 2012 Pallagrello Bianco, Fattoria Selvanova
This is from one of the first wineries to work with the varietal. Good freshness and character, a wine that is essential and direct.
FATTORIA SELVANOVA Castel Campagnano (Caserta) Tel. 0823867261

Published Simultaneously by IGP, I Giovani Promettenti.

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Garantito IGP

We Are:

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